Friday, January 24, 2014

Commercial Photographers in Dorset & Bournemouth

Friday, January 17, 2014

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They offer a full spectrum of landscaping services from one time lawn care to a full blown "yard makeovers".
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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor - For Girls Only!

Brought to you by the same people that came out with The Adonis Golden Ratio system - this one is strictly for the ladies. Yep - somebody finally realized that women wanted to get in shape - lose weight - get tones AND didn't want to come out the other end looking like a pro weight lifter!

There are plenty of programs that will get you bulked up but I think that most women don't want to bulk up. Of course there are some that do and this is not the program for you if you fall into that group. However, if you are out of shape and want to get a good head start in the "bulk up" direction then maybe it would work.

The biggest difference between this program and others is that it takes into account the fact that we all have a different starting point and different body types. The body you start with determines the body you will end up with and The Venus Factor takes that into account as well. 
Basically it is a 12 week program that is very easy to start and progresses as the weeks go on. The easy start is a big plus as well. You don't feel daunted from the start - as a matter of fact you may find the beginning phases too easy! Don;t let that fool you though - it will get much tougher as time goes on!

Want more? As always we did a full Venus Factor review on our main site. So hop over and read it as well as tons of other great health tips!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Emergency Preparedness

Is Emergency Preparedness A Priority For Your Family?

A disaster can occur to any one at any place or time. The most important thing is whether you are ready to handle it. A disaster does not knock at the door to give you a chance to get prepared. It comes when you are not aware and when you think it cannot happen. To be on the safe side, you need to have equipment that is needed for an emergency ready and close at hand. You are supposed to have sufficient information about how to deal with any emergency that may come your way. Always be prepared for an emergency to avoid a situation when you will not be ready to handle it. The following item are very important in your readiness to any emergency:

In Case of Emergency

ICE: This is an abbreviation which stands for In Case of Emergency. You should not confuse it with the ice cubes you carry to drink when thirsty! Modern technology has made it easier for you to get assistance in case you have an emergency. Most phones have an ICE button which can be dialed by a rescuer to contact the person you have saved in case you are unconscious. The button does not require a password. Make sure you have saved the phone number of a person who will be able to implement your emergency plan. He should be a person who knows you very well like your parents, spouse, siblings or a friend you trust. This is what ICE entails. It is very important to have an ICE button in your phone.
Lights: There are many lights that are available for us to use when we are in a situation that we cannot rescue ourselves. Having a perfect flashlight is an ideal plan to be prepared in case of an emergency. Acquire a flashlight which can be recharged by solar energy, shaking or by a hand crank. They are very important because you will not be stranded in case the light goes off. However, the best light is the one that can be charged by a hand crank or shaking. Make sure to have several scattered about for ease of use.
Emergency radio: The truth is that many people forgot the existence of emergency radio since the internet became popular. However, it is equally vital to have an emergency radio in your house. Sometimes lights and power may go off and the only option left will be a radio which has batteries or can be recharged. Solar desk lamps can also be good if they have radio build in which have batteries recharged by solar. This radio might be the only source of information in your house if power is off or disconnected and the internet becomes compromised. Our favorite (as well an all time best seller) is by far the Ambient Weather WR-334-U.
Canned food: This might seem to be light, but it carries its weight. Not many people like canned food because of its taste, but it is better than starving. Have canned food in your shelf or box. You might be in a disaster that restricts you from cooking or accessing a hotel. They are not bad for your heath regardless of their taste. Freeze dried food is also another alternative and can be stored for many years.
Water: This is the most important thing you should have ready. ‘Water is life’. Ensure you can access clean drinking water in case of an emergency.
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Is Mold making You Sick In Your Own House?

Do you have a mold problem?

Mold or black mold can make your home or workplace a nightmare to be in. Some people have almost zero tolerance to mold while others are just fine. The individuals with low tolerance to mold are basically living in a toxic environment. The only time they get relief is when they are gone form the space. This must be taken care of by a mold remediation specialist. Failure to take care of the problem can lead to serious health issues.

Mold grows in damp, dark places that also provide a food source. Basements with cardboard boxes are a prime example. Also - sheetrock that has been wet or in a flooded environment provides an ideal place for mold to grow and flourish. this was seen after Super Storm Sandy here in the Northeast. Basements that had never been wet got water for the first time - leaving mold behind in its' wake. Attics are another place mold can sometimes grow. Ice dams can cause moisture to form on the underside of the roof sheeting. Also - improper ventilation can be the culprit.

How to prevent mold growth

Mold hates dry spaces! Your best defense is to keep areas dry where mold can grow. Store your belongings in plastic containers on vented shelves to keep air moving around. The use of dehumidifiers in damn areas is also a good idea. make sure gutters are free flowing and downspouts are away form the foundation - this is a major cause of moisture. The ground around your home should slope away from the foundations and leaders should be installed to allow water to flow away from the foundation.

What to do if you suspects mold in you living space

Calling a mold remediation company is your first course of action. They will perform a visual inspection as well as an air sample test if needed. They will then write a protocol to remove the mold. Find a trusted company by asking around as well as getting references from them. A great place to ask is your local Realtor or home inspector as the often times deal with these types of contractors.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Juice Fountain Reviews

Juicing seems to be all the rage lately! Much of it seems to be brought upon by the release of the many books on the benefits of juicing.  I have seen the rise in juicing in my own area. I am fortunate enough to live in a large farming area that offers many fresh vegetables. the local farmers markets are packed with customers that insist on the best and freshest produce. I actually have a friend that has his own basket of fresh produce held for him every week - a premium he pays for but since he is a serious juicer he has no trouble with the extra expense. As an avid cyclist, he derives many of his needed vitamin through juicing.

Picking a juicer these days is no slight task. Some proper research and shopping should be done before laying down your had earned money. One of the things to consider is how serious of a juicer you will need. Will you be only juicing a few times a week or every day like my friend? My recommendation would to buy the nest that you can afford. You may start out as a casual juicer but find that as time goes on and you reap the benefits of juicing you will juice more often. It would be a shame to buy a cheap juicer only to have to replace it soon after if it does not do the job for you.

Some of the top juicers on the market today are:
  1. Black and Decker
  2. Breville
  3. Hamilton Beach
  4. Cuisinart
  5. Omega 
  6. LaLanne
These are the top six juicers. There are many other but any consumer could be well to stick the the main brands. The main things to keep in mind are size of unit for both juicing capacity as well storage. Motor size is also important.
You can read about the various juicer at Juice Fountain Reviews as well as get some great tip and recipes on juicing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Seasonal Allergies

Allergies are the inflammations that result from the sensitivity to allergens. They occur when the immune system reacts to a particular allergen. Many people suffer from allergies and there are also many types of allergies as well as difference in the severity of the reaction.. Seasonal allergies are the most common and are the result of certain trees, plants, or pollens that become air born at certain times of the year. Other people may experience allergies to particular foods or animals as well.

Symptoms of allergies vary by person and are classified by degree of severity, such as mild, moderate, and severe reactions. While there is no cure for allergies, there are treatments available both over the counter and by prescription . Most people experience only mild symptoms including watery eyes, itchy skin, a runny nose, coughing, and possibly hives. These types of allergies can be controlled by the use of antihistamines. Staying inside during these times can keep allergies at bay. An allergy shot may also help.

Food allergies can be more difficult to deal with. Peanuts, milk, and eggs are the most common. Many schools have gone so far as to ban peanuts and peanut products all together. Some of the symptoms of food allergies are swelling of the face, abdominal pain, cramps, hives. They can also include hives inside the throat or angiodema.  It is important to seek immediate medical attention for symptoms of a severe allergic reaction. Often a shot can help offset the reaction. The hives and rashes take longer to go away. They can be reduced by using a cortisone based cream.

Pet allergies are the most difficult deal with as many pet owners are not so quick to remove the family pet from the house. It may take up to 2 years exposure to an animal to develop and allergic reaction. This makes it hard to pinpoint the animal as the allergen because you can be fine for years, then it develops. Most people think as soon as you are away from the animal it should stop. When it doesn't they believe it must be something else causing the allergy, so they go back to their routine of interacting with that animal. Proper vacuuming with a HEPA style vacuum cleaner can help reduce the amount of pet dander in a home.

Some people have a severe allergy to bees and other stinging type insects. They may require medical attention to receive a shot of epinephrine. Many people also must keep these with them in case of a sting while out and about.

Read more on allergies and as well as many other health related articles at our health website, a site dedicated to the health of you, your home and your family.