Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor - For Girls Only!

Brought to you by the same people that came out with The Adonis Golden Ratio system - this one is strictly for the ladies. Yep - somebody finally realized that women wanted to get in shape - lose weight - get tones AND didn't want to come out the other end looking like a pro weight lifter!

There are plenty of programs that will get you bulked up but I think that most women don't want to bulk up. Of course there are some that do and this is not the program for you if you fall into that group. However, if you are out of shape and want to get a good head start in the "bulk up" direction then maybe it would work.

The biggest difference between this program and others is that it takes into account the fact that we all have a different starting point and different body types. The body you start with determines the body you will end up with and The Venus Factor takes that into account as well. 
Basically it is a 12 week program that is very easy to start and progresses as the weeks go on. The easy start is a big plus as well. You don't feel daunted from the start - as a matter of fact you may find the beginning phases too easy! Don;t let that fool you though - it will get much tougher as time goes on!

Want more? As always we did a full Venus Factor review on our main site. So hop over and read it as well as tons of other great health tips!



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