Monday, March 11, 2013

Juice Fountain Reviews

Juicing seems to be all the rage lately! Much of it seems to be brought upon by the release of the many books on the benefits of juicing.  I have seen the rise in juicing in my own area. I am fortunate enough to live in a large farming area that offers many fresh vegetables. the local farmers markets are packed with customers that insist on the best and freshest produce. I actually have a friend that has his own basket of fresh produce held for him every week - a premium he pays for but since he is a serious juicer he has no trouble with the extra expense. As an avid cyclist, he derives many of his needed vitamin through juicing.

Picking a juicer these days is no slight task. Some proper research and shopping should be done before laying down your had earned money. One of the things to consider is how serious of a juicer you will need. Will you be only juicing a few times a week or every day like my friend? My recommendation would to buy the nest that you can afford. You may start out as a casual juicer but find that as time goes on and you reap the benefits of juicing you will juice more often. It would be a shame to buy a cheap juicer only to have to replace it soon after if it does not do the job for you.

Some of the top juicers on the market today are:
  1. Black and Decker
  2. Breville
  3. Hamilton Beach
  4. Cuisinart
  5. Omega 
  6. LaLanne
These are the top six juicers. There are many other but any consumer could be well to stick the the main brands. The main things to keep in mind are size of unit for both juicing capacity as well storage. Motor size is also important.
You can read about the various juicer at Juice Fountain Reviews as well as get some great tip and recipes on juicing.